Five Apps to Succeed in College

Posted: December 8, 2010 in Technology
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Picture courtesy of George Frey/Getty Images and Discovery Tech


An article I wrote, titled Five Apps to Succeed in College, was published on Discovery Tech’s website on February 8, 2010. Below is the introduction to this article.

On a college campus, anything goes. Late-night partying, day-time studying, maybe a protest at the student union and perhaps the most common linking all three: students playing on their Smartphones.

While these gadgets have their academic downside — disrupting the flow of class with an awkward ringtone or distracting students from actual work — they also present opportunities. Smartphones give students access to a wide array of apps, many geared to help their owners study and learn.

According to Danny Tu, iPhone product manager of Smartphone app Documents to Go, an increase in organizational tools, productive tools, and communication capabilities continue to advance the industry. “It’s incredible how far this stuff has gone,” said Tu.

After talking with students, friends, classmates, scouring message boards, reading reviews and personally test-driving a bevy of applications, I chose five apps under $20 that will help a student succeed in college.

The five apps included were:

iStudiez Pro


Documents to Go

Papers for iPhone


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