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Posted: December 8, 2010 in Sports
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In the summer of 2010 I participated in an internship program for the sports website Bleacher Report. As part of my assignment I had to write 3-5 articles per week, plus participate in “Breaking News Days,” which required me to be on deadline and on call. Some article topics I was told to write on, while others were of my own choosing.

Here you can find the archive of all my work.

I have had over 113,000 people read my 51 sports articles that ranged in topic from tennis and soccer to college football and pro basketball. I had 21 stories featured on the main page and a variety of articles featured on local news websites such as the Houston Chronicle (Houston Rockets Draft Day Possibilities), Philadelphia Inquirer (seen below), L.A. Times (L.A. Lakers Summer League Preview), and San Francisco Chronicle (NBA Draft 2010: The Golden State Warriors’ Plans for the Future). I also had an article featured on CBS Sportsline (Players who had bad NFL offseason).

Philadelphia Chronicle

And here are some of my personal favorites (clips included)…

Photo courtesy of Rick Stewart/Getty Images and Bleacher Report

Most Emotional Detroit Sports Year of the 1990s

It may seem strange to look back to the 1990s, but with the Stanley Cup Finals, Memorial Day, and lots of happenings in the world of athletics, memories tend to find their way back.

The year was 1997, and in Detroit it was the best and most emotional of the decade.

Detroit Tigers

Although the Tigers finished only 79-83, it was a massive improvement from the previous year’s 53-109 record. This team was one of the better post-1984 Tigers teams led by a fun offense.

Tony Clark in his 2nd full season as a Major Leaguer replaced Cecil Fielder, who was traded to the Yankees in 1996, as 1st baseman of the team. Going for career bests with a .376 OBP, 105 runs and 117 RBIs he finished 18th in AL MVP voting.

A look into Big Ten Expansion and Solving the Scheduling Conflicts that arose when Nebraska was added.

Expansion fever has slowly cooled off around college sports (for now) and the realities of a 12-team Big Ten are set. The real work begins now.

With a bevy of issues to solve, the conference must start with the basics. Before even determining divisions the Big Ten should establish two main components.

The amount of conference games played per year should be first on the list.

Should the conference stick with eight games or add an additional ninth? The choice is an easy one, and adding that extra game is a must. It may only leave three out-of-conference games, but it will help maintain and build new rivalries.

And finally, my most successful article in terms of readership looked back at the Greatest Moments of the Lakers vs. Celtics in the NBA Finals.

Number 9:

Dubbed as “Tragic” Johnson after the 1984 Finals Series, Earvin Johnson had lost some of the Magic.

Throughout the whole series he made uncharacteristic errors and in a series so close, this was something the Lakers couldn’t afford.

In game 4, he made a bad pass down the stretch to Robert Parish. He missed 2 key free throws in OT in the loss that day as well.

Then game 7. A chance for real Magic. Unfortunately for Johnson, after the Lakers had battled back down from 14 points, he made costly turnovers.
He fumbled the ball, made poor decisions and in the end his team lost the series leaving himself and Lakers fans in a state of shock.


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